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New Leaf

New Leaf Will Assist You in Reaching Your Ultimate Goals

We are a recreational therapy and behavior management company that prides itself on being purely client-focused, our clients will always be our #1 priority. We strive to meet all individualized goals by putting the needs, interests, and abilities of each client first. Each experience is tailored to the individual in order to keep sessions fun and engaging, all while improving multiple areas of need in order for individuals to become their highest potential self.

Together, we will turn over a New Leaf and surpass your goals while having fun and enjoying what life has to offer! 


Client Approach

The most effective way an individual can stay focused on goals is by utilizing one-on-one time with their therapist. Our one-on-one approach contributes to the overall success of both long and short term goals.

Individualized Behavior

Support Plans

Everyone has different needs, which is why the forefront of each behavior support plan created by a New Leaf behavior consultant is custom and personalized in order to have the best goal achievement probability.

Custom Recreational Therapy

Treatment Plans

Our recreational therapy treatment plans are unique and custom to each individual and assist in considering various areas of need that typically aren't apparent in everyday mannerisms.

Licensed Psychologist

Review & Approval

New Leaf requires all behavior support plans created by our behavior consultants to be approved by a licensed psychologist in order to ensure each plan is ethical and the rights of individuals remain intact.

Local & Out of

Town Activities

Not only do our clients have local activity options, but they also will have opportunities to attend out of town activities and events, both one-on-one and in a group setting. The options for our clients are endless!


Continuity of Care

A vital step in any kind of therapeutic approach is consistency. Our recreational therapists and behavior consultants work diligently to schedule and maintain sessions in order to provide continuity of care.


Massage Therapy is hands-on bodywork to treat pain relief,

reduce anxiety and depression.

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New Leaf is an approved recreational therapy and behavior management provider on the Indiana Medicaid Waiver. Get to know us!

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