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Indiana Medicaid Waiver Process

We understand that Indiana Medicaid and the waivers that involve recreational therapy and behavior management can be confusing. Here is a brief breakdown of how the process works, from initially obtaining Medicaid to beginning services. For more in-depth information, please check out this page and search for "Application and Start of Waiver Services" in the table of contents or contact your local Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) office.


Initial Application

Complete an application either online or by paper and mail to your local BDDS office. A BDDS service coordinator will be in touch to discuss waiver eligibility, to determine if you meet the Level of Care requirements, to apply for Medicaid if needed, and to request more documents. After these steps, you will be placed on a waitlist; you can check your waitlist status here. During this time, make sure to update BDDS of any address or phone number changes, or else your application may be removed.


Intake Meeting

Once your application reaches the top of the waitlist, you will be assigned a case manager who will contact you to complete an intake meeting. There, you will learn more about the waiver and the services available to you. If recreational therapy and/or behavior management are of interest, your case manager will pass along your contact info to New Leaf and other companies that provide the services you're interested in. A New Leaf service provider will then contact you to schedule an interview.


Interview with New Leaf

When the New Leaf service provider calls you to schedule an interview, you may choose a meeting location of your choice. Your goal of this interview is to learn more about the service, what sessions look like, how these services can contribute to the goals of the individual, and to overall meet the service provider and see if this particular service would be a good fit. If you would like to move forward with New Leaf, you will then need to sign a pick list, which is provided by your case manager.


Sign a Pick List

A pick list is a list of providers that you pick from to receive waiver services. In this case, New Leaf will be the chosen provider to receive recreational therapy and/or behavior management services. After a pick list is submitted to the state, they will then create an individualized Service Agreement.


Services Officially Begin!

Once New Leaf receives the Service Agreement from the state (which can take up to 2-10 business days), the service provider that you interviewed will contact you to schedule your first session. Congratulations, you are now officially receiving Medicaid waiver services from New Leaf!


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