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Sareena Mitchell, MSEd

Behavior Consultant

Sareena graduated from Indiana University South Bend with a degree in General Studies that focused on Women and Gender Studies.  Sareena continued on with her education as she had a passion for learning, and obtained a Masters of Science in Special Education from Purdue University in 2017.  Sareena went on to teach special education at her previous middle school and high school, this is when Sareena learned the importance of behavioral therapy and techniques.  Sareena is currently completing her Masters of Social Work with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  Sareena hopes to end her career as a college professor teaching new students everything she has learned throughout her career.

Sareena has always had a passion for helping others, communicating and being a positive support for those around her.  One of Sareena's favorite quotes by George Evans that she lives by is \"Everyone can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.\"  Sareena believes that everyone should be seen as an individual and given the opportunity to be their true self.  When working with families, Sareena feels it is best to learn from families and use a listening ear when communicating.  Everyone should be heard.

When Sareena is not working, she spends her time outside of school and work with her busy toddler Eir (pronounced heir) and miniature poodle Khloe, enjoying the beach, and parks regularly. Sareena enjoys reading romance novels and watching animal documentaries.  Sareena frequents the zoo often to observe the animals and practice mindfulness and self care.  Self care for Sareena looks like cooking her favorite pescatarian dishes, traveling, and trying new foods. She has been to 4 countries but her favorite destinations are Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Sareena Mitchell, MSEd
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