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Elena Witte, CTRS

Recreational Therapist

Elena graduated from the University of Toledo with her Bachelors of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation in 2017. She completed her internship in Fort Wayne, within the Indiana Medicaid Waiver. Shortly after, Elena obtained her CTRS credentials and began working on the waiver in 2017. She has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities on the waiver and at a residential facility for individuals with disabilities called Josina Lott in Toledo during college.

Elena has a passion for mental health. She enjoys incorporating different ways to work on self-love, coping skills, and relaxation through the recreation and leisure activities her clients enjoy most. Most of all, Elena’s favorite part of being a recreational therapist is watching her clients grow and meet their goals that they set out to accomplish.

Elena enjoys spending her free time out in nature or traveling with her husband Tyler. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats, her family, reading, and meditating.

Elena Witte, CTRS
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