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Kirstin Prevost, MA

Behavior Consultant

Kirstin has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities, dating back to her early teenage years. Kirstin’s passion for helping others comes from her family environment and her mother. Kirstin’s mother previously worked with individuals with disabilities, and she would routinely spend her summers going to work with her mother as a peer to assist. She has past professional titles such as Mental Health Technician, Family Advocate, Home Health Aide, and a Behavior Consultant. Kirstin obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2013 from California State University, San Marcos. Kirstin also holds a Master’s degree in Human Behavior from National University in 2016, and a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2022.

Kirstin is an Indiana transplant from Southern California, she has lived in Indiana for several years now and enjoys having changing seasons and various scenery to explore. Kirstin is very passionate about animals and animal rights. She is also very passionate about equality and standing up for what is right. Kirstin has two Pitbull mixes, Maddie and Mater, and is a strong advocate for the bully breed.

In her free time Kirstin loves to spend time with her dogs, traveling and hiking with them. Kirstin also loves to travel and try new foods. Whenever she visits a new location, she makes sure to always eat and shop local! Kirstin grew up playing soccer and still enjoys to play recreationally and is an avid soccer fan.

Kirstin Prevost, MA
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