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Alyssa Brentlinger, MA, ABA

Behavior Consultant

Alyssa graduated with her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a counseling minor from Indiana State University in 2018, which is located in her hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. Alyssa received her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University in 2019. Prior to receiving her Master’s degree, Alyssa worked as a Registered Behavior Technician at an ABA center where she also completed her graduate supervision.

Alyssa is devoted to encouraging personal growth and helping others accomplish their goals. She loves being a behavior consultant because it allows her to assist her clients with improving their overall quality of life. She has provided behavior management services since 2019 to individuals as young as 3 years of age up to 68 years of age with various diagnoses and levels of functioning. Alyssa is extremely passionate about mental health and enjoys taking the time to work with others in order to ensure their socio-emotional needs are being met. Alyssa is a major mental health advocate as she previously worked as a Mental Health Technician at an inpatient psychiatric facility while pursuing her undergraduate degree. Alyssa also completed her undergraduate internship at the same inpatient psychiatric facility. This has expanded Alyssa’s knowledge about the different perspectives and psychological needs of others, which has strengthened her ability to establish strong rapports with her clients.

In her free time, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her husband, Joseph and their daughter, Jacy. As a family, they watch movies, go to museums, parks, zoos, and participate in other various activities. Alyssa also has a love for true crime. She listens to Audiochuck true crime podcasts and watches a multitude of true crime shows, such as Dateline and 48 hours. Alyssa’s favorite food is fries and is always up for going out to eat or seeing a movie, specifically for movie theater popcorn.

Alyssa finds self-care to be very important and schedules mental health days throughout each month. Whether it’s getting pedicures, scheduling services with her favorite Esthetician, or indulging in comfort food and retail therapy, Alyssa prioritizes her mental health so she is able to provide the best behavior management services she possibly can to her clients.

Alyssa Brentlinger, MA, ABA
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